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Ahmad Abasi Modeling of dust storm motion and deposition M.S 1395/12/09
ahmad abbasi Investigation of the acid-crude oil emulsion stability affected by asphaltene Ph.D
arastoo abdi Investigation of Surface Phenomena of Smart Water and Asphaltenic Oil System M.S 1399/06/29
POUYAN AHMADI Recovery curve generation of Co-current and Counter current imbibition by experimentally investigations M.S 1396/06/31
Mirza Alizadeh Investigation of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) deposit formation in sewer lines M.S
alireza bahmei study of gas injection impact on the mitigation of severe slugging in risers M.S 1396/06/29
ABBAS DAILI Experimental study of Asphaltene precipitation effect on flooding process at core scale M.S 1395/11/26
Zahra Delkhosh Modeling of gas separation adsorption system based on combination of phase change materials with various adsorbents to improve separation performance M.S
Hosein Doryani dariuni impact of dispersed nano-particles in water on asphaltene deposition M.S 1394/12/18
Javad Ebrahimi Laboratory investigation of inhibitors performance on asphaltene precipitation in crude oil M.S 1400/06/31
Zahra Etemadan Experimental investigation of the effect of salt and nanoparticles on stability of water in oil (crude oil/condensate) emulsion in acidic media M.S 1395/12/18
Marzieh Ghadimi mahani poor Compositional reservoir Simulation of Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition in Near-Wellbore Region M.S 1396/12/15
Ahmadreza Habibi Babadi Experimental and Simulation Study of Mechanical Behavior of Rock Under Different Saturation Conditions Using Indirect Tensile Test M.S 1398/06/31
Sadegh Hassanpour chenarestan sofla Experimental Study of the Impact of Nanoparticles on Asphaltene Precipitation in Gas and Water Injection Process into Oil Reservoirs M.S 1394/12/20
saeed javan synthesis and performance evaluation pf ZIF-8/PEI membrane in the separation of H2 from CH4 , CO2, and N2 Ph.D
Pedram Kalhori Impact of oil characteristics on sludge formation due to acid/oil interaction during acidizing process M.S 1399/06/31
farzad kashefi Wettability Alteration in Oil Reservoirs by Graphene Oxide/Silica Hybrid Nanofluid M.S 1398/06/31
Abdolreza Kazemi Abadshapoori The use of hybrid nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) from fractured reservoirs M.S
Sabber Khandoozigenareh Scaling of Low Salinity Water Flood: from Core to Field Scale M.S 1396/12/20
Meisam Mahdavinezhad Experimental Study of the Performance of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes as EOR Agent in Carbonate Reservoirs M.S 1399/06/31
Saba Mahmoudvand Modeling of aspaltene precipitaion using PC-SAFT EoS M.S 1395/12/08
amir meamarpour Asphaltene characterization of three Southwest Iranian oil fields M.S 1398/06/31
Amin Moghadasi Experimental investigation of formation damage of inorganic deposition in Mansoori-Bangestan reservoir due to water injection M.S 1397/06/25
hasan mohajeri Pressure Drop and Heat transfer in Metal foam structures M.S 1395/09/24
amin mohammadi experimental investigation of nanofluids performance to reduce water relative permeability around oil wells M.S
milad mohammadpoor Impact of asphaltene type on emulsion formation and asphaltene precipitation and deposition in thermodynamic conditions of well column M.S
aliye mohseni azhe Evaluation of the Performance of Environmentally-Friendly Scale Inhibitors on Mineral Scaling in Oil Operation M.S 1400/06/31
Nooshin Moradi Kazerooni Modification of seawater chemistry by membranes for production of smart water for enhanced oil recovery in carbonate reservoirs Ph.D
Seyedsaman Mousavian Impact of surface properties in terms of surface energy and geometry on crystallization fouling Ph.D 1399/06/31
seyedmohammedreza mousavipour Theoretical Investigation of the Effect of Acid Injection Rate on the Formation of Petroleum Acids in Acidizing Asphaltenic Oil Reservoirs M.S
Hossein Najafi Experimental study to measure CO2 diffusion coefficient in oil and formation water for EOR process M.S 1398/11/16
Zahra Negahdari Simulation of chemical reactions and ionic interactions in the rock/ brine/ oil system after injection of low salinity water in carbonate oil reservoirs M.S 1399/03/20
amirhossein nikoo Investigation of modified heat transfer surfaces to reduce crystallization fouling M.S 1395/06/13
Meysam Omidvar Investigation of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) deposit formation in sewer lines M.S 1397/02/31
Sepideh Palizdan The Behavior of Stable Water in Oil Emulsion in Micromodel for EOR Process M.S 1395/12/20
Mohammad Hassan Pourrezaei Particulate Fouling in Metal Foam Structured EGR Coolers M.S 1395/03/22
Mostafa Ranjbar Mechanistic modelling of two-phase flow patterns in pipe line riser systems M.S 1393/09/24
ALIREZA RAZMAVAR Particulate Fouling of Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers in Diesel Engines M.S 1393/06/25
Mohammad Salehpour Investigation of Carbonated Water Injection (CWI) with a Co-Solvent in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) M.S 1398/11/26
Ali Sanati Enhanced Oil Recovery by Deep Eutectic Solvents and Ionic Liquids Ph.D 1400/10/26
Negar Shahsavar Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Emulsion on Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition Removal in Porous Media M.S 1396/06/31
nasrolah shakibasefat Investigation of Formation Damage During Injection of Miscible Gas in a Heavy Oil Reservoir Ph.D
Farzad Torabi jahromi Impact of operating conditions on the performance of electrodialysis membranes for treatment of brackish water M.S 1395/01/24
Atefe Zarei Impact of structured surface geometry modification on deposition of calcium sulfate on heat transfer surfaces M.S 1398/11/15
Zahra Zare Experimental investigation of inorganic salt precipitation of various waters for EOR approach of water injection M.S 1397/06/31
Amin Zebardast Determination of removal rate of various projectiles for cleaning tubular heat exchangers M.S 1394/11/18
زهرا رجایی Investigation of the impact of asphaltene type on precipitation M.S 1398/06/31
غلامرضا محمودی Investigation of mineral scale green inhibitors in porous media Ph.D 1400/06/13
Production, characterization and optimization of polysulfone support layer for nanofiltration membranes M.S 1399/11/30
sakineh hadizadeh Utilization of various coatings to mitigate asphaltene deposition in well column Ph.D
mehdi ahmadi mozajin Application of carbon fibers in phase change materials for heat transfer enhancement M.S 1395/06/02
Fateme Ayubianzade Thermodynamic investigation of the emission of pollutants during the oxy-combustion of polymeric wastes M.S
Zoha Azizi Synthesis of copper-quantum dot nanohybrids for enhancement of convective heat transfer in a microchannel heat sink Ph.D 1394/06/21
zahra bahmani An Appropriate EOR scenario, using EOR screening and well optimizahon M.S 1398/04/09
Leila Dehdari Modeling Asphaltene Precipitation and Phase Envelope using Cubic-Plus-Association EoS M.S 1395/08/12
Nasrin Ghanbari Experimental study of the effect of Surfactants on precipitation and deposition of asphaltene in capillary tube M.S 1396/06/30
shahab hosseini Experimental and Simulation Investigation of Inorganic Scale Formation Potential Due to Engineered Salinity water injection M.S 1399/04/17
Amin Kamgar synthesis and optimization of core-shell-shell magnetic nano particles and making pilot plant for oil spill remediation Ph.D 1399/06/01
fariba karimiankakolaki Fabrication of form-stable electrospun phase change materials for heat management applications M.S 1393/11/11
saman kavyani Modeling and simulation of the well production rate and the contribution of each layer in the production using the temperature and pressure profile M.S 1397/11/30
Niloofar Kazemi Production data analysis of gas reservoirs with aquifer drive M.S 1399/03/19
mina moodi Investigation of formation damage due to colloidal behavior of oil and asphaltene M.S
Farnoosh Noroozi Investigation of Marangoni Effect in Multiphase Fluid Distribution and Flow M.S 1399/06/31
masoud panahi Experimental and Modeling Study of the Thermal Management of Li-ion Battery Packs Ph.D
Milad Qahramanpour Improving water injection process into hydrocarbon reservoir using integrated management technique M.S 1395/12/21
Laleh Razeh Investigation of Conductimetric Results during Emulsion polymerization and Mathematical Modeling of the Formation of Polymeric Nano-Particles M.S 1395/12/15
Zahra Sakhaei Investigation of Petroleum Contaminants Transport in Soil and Its Removal Using Colloidal Gas Aphrons Ph.D
maryam tabarzad Application of carbon fibers to fabricate heating pads with predefined patterns M.S 1395/12/15
fatemeh ahmadinezhad determination of optimal operating and design conditions of electrostatic desalter by using mathematical model for crude oil M.S 1394/07/20
Elham Aryafard modeling and simulation of an electrostatic desalter process for crude oil M.S 1393/12/02
Maryam Asemani Modeling and Experimental study of sodium chloride precipitation in oil wellbore caused by natural gas injection Ph.D 1393/09/11
abdullah davoudi Prediction of Permeability Reduction Due to Asphaltene Deposition By Machine Learning M.S 1400/06/31
Alireza Dehghan Bidokhti Thermal management of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles M.S 1392/06/23
Mahnoosh Dokoohaki Simulation of Gas Condensate flow around the welbore subjected to ultrasonic irradiation M.S 1396/02/19
Elahe Farahipour Deodorization of sulfur extended asphalt modified by carbon fiber and recycled tire M.S 1394/11/20
alireza fotoohi Experimental Study of Thermal management in Lithium-ion Battery Packs M.S 1396/10/09
abdonnabi goosheneshin Experimental Investigation of the Cooling Performance of a Cylindrical Microchannel Heat Sink with Straight and Sinusoidal Fins by Alumina Nanofluid Coolants Ph.D 1400/06/31
Farzad Javaheri Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles modified with poly (4-vinylpyridine) for removal of nitrate ions from aqueous solutions M.S 1394/09/08
Yousef Kazemzadeh Laboratory studies of asphaltene's percipitation and nano particles impact on gas injection process into oil reservoires using IFT measurement M.S 1393/06/26
Mohammad Ali KERMANCHI Using Artificial Neural Network to Analyze Noisy Gas Well Test Data M.S 1400/06/31
sajjad khalouei Experimental Investigation of The Effect of Coated Nano particles in Preventing Asphaltene Precipitation M.S 1398/06/31
Milad Masoudi lir simulation of an experimental box to calculate the heat load of different physical conditions M.S 1394/10/07
Amin Mosallanejad Synthesis and production of industrial charcoal by using waste charcoal and various additives M.S 1394/12/19
Shahram Narehei Modeling of the efficiency of thermal lifting method M.S 1399/06/31
Amir Hossein Nikoo Rock-fluid interfacial interactions from surface energy perspective Ph.D 1399/11/27
arman peyravi Experimental study of the effect of nanoparticles on carbon dioxide recovery in nano-fluids by using hollow fiber membrane contactor M.S 1393/10/14
siamak rahmani Improvement of Sea water EOR by use of Novel chemicals in one of Iranian oil reservoirs M.S 1398/11/27
Alireza Raoufi Kia Investigation and Analysis of Field Data to Determine the Reasons of Increasing Hydrogen Sulfides in one of Iranian Gas Reservoirs M.S 1397/06/31
Seyed Ali Salamat Study of Energy Storage Capability of Concrete Media for Solar Plant Applications M.S 1397/11/30
Behnam Shahsavani Impact of ions in emulsified brine on asphaltene phase behavior Ph.D 1398/10/03
mohammadjavad zandehvifard Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Polymer-Modified Nanoparticles on CO2 Absorption in Water for Enhanced Oil Recovery M.S 1399/02/31
Mohsen Zarean adarmanabadi Experimental Investigation and Simulation of the Effect of Salinity and pH on the Surface Charge of Carbonate Rocks M.S 1399/06/31
Farideh Zareei pour Experimental study of effective parameters on salt precipitation in gas injection wells of Asmari reservoir, Maroon and Koopal oil fields, in vaporization mechanism with the use of wetted wall column M.S 1392/06/31
مهشيد ناطق On the impact of surface energy on crude oil fouling Ph.D 1398/09/22
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