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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree download-thesis def-date
Yaser Balegh Direct Synthesis of Phenol by Hydroxylation of Benzene using ZIF catalyst M.S
AliReza Dara Experimental evaluation of 2D metal catalysts in the cycloaddition of CO2 M.S
Ahmadreza Hazrati Upgrading of Chemical Looping Methane Reforming Process for Increasing the Hydrogen Production M.S 1399/11/30
Arsalan Hemmatzadeh Experimental Investigation of Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles in CO2 Absorption M.S 1400/06/31
Parisa Heydari boushehri Experimental Evaluation of Graphene and Metal Nano-catalysts in the Chemical Fixation of Carbon Dioxide M.S 1399/06/31
Arman Jafari Experimental Analysis on Industrial Catalysts in Hydrodesulfurization Process of Natural Gas M.S
Mohammad Jasem Jahandideh Experimental Study on the Alkylation of Benzene Using Modified Zeolite Y Catalyst M.S 1398/06/31
Mohammadreza Mohammadkhani Faradonbeh Catalytic Investigation of Natural Gas Reforming Processes: Evolution and Future Trends M.S 1400/02/02
Elahe Olyaei Experimental Study on Carbon Dioxide Absorption Using Amino Acid Phase Change Solvents M.S 1399/06/31
pouria pakdaman Experimental Study of the Catalyst Regeneration Process of Acetylene to Ethylene in Ethene Thermal Cracking Plant M.S 1398/06/31
Mehdi piroozmand Assessment of a novel integrated process for improving the hydrogen production from natural gas feed-stock M.S 1399/12/29
saeed pourbehi Experimental study on carbon dioxide absorption using amine phase change solvents M.S
fereshteh saleki Synthesis and Characterization of some metal selenides and their graphene composites as Novel electrode materials for supercapacitor properties M.S 1397/06/31
sara abbasi gharghani Experimental investigation and modelling of absorption of carbon dioxide gas from air using novel solvents M.S 1397/11/27
Ali Bakhtyari Catalytic Conversion of Lignin-derived Compounds in the Presence of hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Ph.D 1399/04/04
Mohammad Dehesh Experimental investigation effect of A520 nanoparticles on properties of graphene acid/PVA nanocomposite membrane for water desalination M.S 1397/04/27
Arman Farahmand Experimental Investigation Effect of Water Stable Metal Organic Frameworks on Performance of Graphane Oxide/MOF Nanocomposite Membrane M.S 1397/04/23
Mohammad Galedari Experimental Investigation Properties Of Functionalized Graphene Oxide Membrane In Aqueous Media M.S 1396/11/23
MohammadAmin Makarem Determination of the mass transfer rate in the process of CO2 absorption in small channels Ph.D 1399/06/31
zahra mansoorsamaei Waste cooking oil transesterification to biodiesel using biomass-derived heterogeneous catalyst M.S
morteza mehdipour Performance investigation of rotating liquid sheet contactor in carbon dioxide absorption using nanofluids Ph.D 1400/06/31
mahboubeh parhoudeh Mathematical Modelling of Chemical Looping Reforming for the Production of Synthesis Gas and Hydrogen Ph.D 1400/06/31
Setareh Pishva Preparation and characterization of a dual layer PEBAX-IL/PES composite membrane for gas separation M.S 1399/06/31
Behnaz Rahmatmand Improvement in a conventional methanol synthesis process by applying the adiabatic reactor instead of the gas-cooled reactor by modeling and optimization Ph.D 1399/02/30
kamal rasouli Photocatalytic Degradation of Cefixime from Aqueous Solution M.S
Mohammad ali Roozbeh Simulation of granulation process to investigate the effects of operating parameters on process kinetics M.S 1397/06/31
mohammadreza sedghamiz simulation & optimazatin production of methanol unit M.S 1397/08/30
ali Zarei Jelyani Experimental study on absorption of carbon dioxide by promoted amino acid M.S 1398/06/31
فاطمه انصاری علا Synthesis and Characterization of Nano- Catalysts Based on Zirconium Oxide for Light Naphtha Isomerization Process M.S 1398/06/31
ملیحه کارگر synthesis and characterization of catalysts based on zeolites for light naftha isomerization process M.S 1397/06/31
catalytic pyrolysis of waste tires in batch rotary kiln reactor M.S 1397/06/13
majid ahmadzadeh Removal of Dye Contaminants from Wastewater by Graphitic Carbon Nitride Photocatalyst M.S 1400/06/31
Samira Akbari emadabadi Experimental study of Hydrogen production in chemical looping reforming process using nano catalytic sorbent M.S 1395/11/28
hasan ansari Investigation of Glycol Loss from Gas Dehydration Unit at SPGC Phase I and Providing Solutions for Process Improvement M.S 1395/12/15
Tahmineh Barzegar Fabrication and characterization of dual-layer PEBAX-SiO2/PES nanocomposite membrane to examine the permeability of CO2 and CH4 gases M.S 1397/06/31
hamed esmaeilzadeh 3D Reconstruction of Porous Media using Multiple-Point Statistics M.S 1397/11/30
Mojtaba Fekri lari Modification of methane tri-reformer reactor to produce suitable syngas to use in dimethyl ether and methanol synthesis processes M.S 1397/11/30
Mahla Ghanbari catalytic reforming of methane to hydrogen by cold dielectric barrier discharge M.S 1398/11/23
Nazanin Hamedi Investigation of Greenhouse Gases Absorption Using Ionic Liquids Ph.D 1398/09/23
Seyed amir mohsen Hosseini Thermodynamic investigation of the extraction of aromatics from aliphatic hydrocarbons by Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) M.S 1397/06/25
hadise joukar Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured ZrO2-WO3 mixed oxide using supercritical hydrothermal method M.S 1397/06/31
mohammad mehdi kaibollahi Study of water vapor adsorption from gas using tetra-ethylene glycol (TREG) M.S 1399/11/30
Razieh Kashiri Experimental investigation of the kaolinite clay role in performance of low salinity water injection M.S 1397/11/30
Ehsan Mahmoudi investigation of coating on olifin reactor coils surface in order to coke reduction M.S 1396/06/29
Sara Masoumi Synthesis and Modification of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Nano-Adsorbent and its Application in Water Treatment Process Ph.D 1398/11/27
Amin Moghadasi Experimental investigation of formation damage of inorganic deposition in Mansoori-Bangestan reservoir due to water injection M.S 1397/06/25
Mahmood Rahimi dorodzani Simulation and dynamic optimization of hydrocracking reactor M.S 1397/03/24
Mohammad Raoof Simulation and Optimization of 1,2-Dichroethane Thermal Cracking Furnace M.S 1398/06/26
younes rastgoo Thermodynamic investigation of flue gas composition in pre-mixed fuels and minimization of pollutants emission COx, NOx and Sox M.S 1396/12/19
alireza rigi Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Production from an Industrial Sewage Sludge using Supercritical Water M.S 1398/11/30
Mohammad Sadeghi slow pyrolysis of plastic waste in a semi batch catalytic reactor M.S 1398/11/28
mohammad sadeghi manesh Investigation of the effect of amino acids L-histidine, L-methionine and L-isoleucine and the phenomenon of hysteresis on the kinetics of carbon dioxide hydrate formation M.S 1400/06/30
Reza Salehi Nezhad Study of pore structure effects on Asphaltene induced formation damage M.S 1396/06/29
Maryam Setooni Experimental Investigation of maize starch effect and THF on CO2 hydrate formation M.S 1396/12/19